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, and the paper is painting a surprisingly pretty picture of this lady.(And also notes that Judith Regan will appear later in the season!You may not be receptive to all of her love advice, but she promises if you follow her eight easy steps you’ll be in a committed, monogamous relationship within a year.You’ll also be entertained as you read this step-by-step manual.) It seems like, despite her arguably reactionary rules for dating ("women must enhance their appearance by whatever means necessary, men, for their part, need to remember that a woman must be wooed," and, duh, women should always date a provider-slash-"hunter"), nobody can just hate this woman like they hate other Bravo caricatures. Stanger she met a man at a restaurant and went out with him three times, until she got “bored.” Ms. “What do you expect, people to entertain you like a puppet show?” In the end, most of her tips for getting her clients over themselves and into a match are basic and as old as the hills.

Just ask the thousands of happy couples brought together by Patti Stanger, CEO of the Millionaire’s Club matchmaking service and star of Bravo’s hit TV series “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Now Patti can help your marriage dreams come true with Married in a Year – her proven, easy-to-follow 12-month action plan for finding love.One piece of advice some women might bristle at is the idea of dressing nice and putting on lipstick before leaving the house.I just think this is good advice for any woman, whether or not looking for a man, to present yourself to the world looking your best.With her expert knowledge and upbeat, no-nonsense approach, Patti will motivate and guide you through all the stages, including: ~~Dating Detox: Take a break to focus on yourself and identify what you want out of life ~~Meeting Your Match: Put yourself out there and attract men who want to get married ~~10 Commandments of Dating: Rules for the first date and beyond ~~Red Flags: When and how to move on from a losing relationship ~~Negotiating the Ring: Sealing the deal within a year!Female fans of Patti Stanger, TV's Millionaire Matchmaker, who've secretly wanted to hire Stanger to remake their own love lives as she does for her hapless millionaires, will love Married in a Year.

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